Wednesday, September 16, 2009

D'amato's Bakery

Holy cannoli - D'amato's makes one awesome cannolo. Apparently, cannoli is the plural term and cannolo (Italian for "little tube") is the singular term. You learn something new every day, right? But, I bet it's one of those things where if you corrected someone, he or she wouldn't believe you and it would just lead to an unnecessary argument...

Anywho, I walked into the bakery without even knowing what I wanted. I'm not the biggest fan of Italian pastries, but I think that just comes from my lack of Italian pastry knowledge and experience. I questioned the cheery girl behind the counter and she did not hesitate in recommending the cannoli. I could either go for one of the chocolate dipped or the traditional, she said. I opted for the traditional, figuring it would make more sense to start with the basics.

After paying $1.50 for my refrigerated cannolo, I left the store and found a nearby spot to enjoy my treat. Once outside of the paper bag, I noticed its beautiful appearance.

After the first bite, all I could do was say "wow" aloud, even though I was by myself. The flaky fried shell with the powdered sugar on top + the smooth cream with chocolate chips + the chopped pistachios ='ed a sweet epiphany. The cream was rich without being too heavy, the shell was crispy without being greasy, and the cool temperature added to the freshness. It was, in a strange way, refreshing. Imagine that.

Back or Forth? I will be going back.

D'amato's Bakery - West Loop - (312)733-5456 - 1124 W. Grand AVe, Chicago, IL 60622 - Public transportation: the Chicago stop of the Blue Line or bus 65 or 66.

Cannolo - $1.50

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