Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Southport Grocery's Bakery

Yes, I too buy into the cupcake craze. So, after I finished my meal at Southport Grocery, I decided to purchase a vanilla/vanilla from the bakery for $2.25. There were chocolate ones too (and a gluten free option if I recall correctly), but I'm a vanilla/vanilla guy first and foremost.

I took it outside, found a place to sit on the curb, and tried to eat it in as many bites as possible to make it last longer. Unfortunately, I finished the cupcake rather quickly, but there's no doubt that it will make a reappearance in my life. It was that good.

The ratio of cake to buttercream was perfect and each element was excellent. The cake was moist and the buttercream frosting was well balanced, if not a touch too sweet. Aesthetically, it's cool to have the frosting spread all the way to the end of the wrapper, but when you peel the wrapper away, it steals some of your precious frosting! What the farquad.

Back or Forth? I will be going back.

Southport Grocery - Lakeview - (773)665-0100 - 3552 N. Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 - Public transportation: the Southport stop of the Brown Line or bus 152.

Vanilla cupcake - $2.25

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