Monday, October 12, 2009

Annette's Homemade Italian Ice

To preface, this may seem like a bizarre review because I'm only reviewing the ice cream eating experience at Annette's. In retrospect, it would've made more sense to review their Italian ice, but I am an ice cream fiend and was in an ice cream mood. My apologies. (Annette's is part of Metropolis Rotisseria in Lincoln Park).

The teal/white/salmon decor depressed me a bit upon entering, but the employee behind the counter quickly made up for it. When I asked for a sample of the peppermint candy crunch, he came back with a generous cantaloupe-scooper sized ball in a paper cup. It was refreshing to not see that tiny spoon portion that most ice cream places give you...

I ordered a medium, which magically consisted of three scoops at only $3.75. "Three scoops?" I asked. "Yes," he replied, "you can choose three flavors." Booya. I went with peppermint candy crunch, mint chip, and oreo. He then asked me how I would like the order of my scoops, which demonstrated solid, thoughtful service.

I had peppermint candy crunch on top, then mint chip in the middle, then oreo on the bottom. The p.c.c. had gooey peppermint candy pieces, beautiful red + green + pink colors, nice cream and sweetness, and a refreshing mint finish.

The mint chip was almost exactly like the mint chip at Baskin-Robbins. There were lots of tiny chocolate chips and a light smooth mint ice cream that was never icy or bland.

The oreo was the perfect gray/beige color with real oreo chunks and a great vanilla base. All three cup flavors were impressive and straightforward. They may not have stood out with unique components, but they were still yumderful and well-made.

The experience, though seemingly excellent based on the previous paragraphs, was marred by one strange occurrence. This occurrence was so strange that I think I'll only be ordering things to go from now on...

Shortly after I sat down with my styrofoam cup of ice cream, someone behind the counter barked a question in my general direction. My back was to him so I turned around. He was reading some newspaper with a disgusted look on his face and he wasn't in an employee uniform. I assumed he was either an owner or just an employee hanging out off the clock. Anywho, the question he rudely posed to me was, "Who'd you vote for?"

Though I should've been smart and declined to answer, I replied with "Barack Obama" and then received an unsolicited rant about how people wrongly acted like he was the messiah, how he made this mistake and that mistake, etc. It was all very uncomfortable and I couldn't wait to finish my ice cream and leave. I have no idea who he was in relation to Annette's (or Metropolis), so I can only offer this: don't let intrusive people bother your customers.

Look, at the end of the day, Annette's is a good place to go for ice cream. I was disappointed to find out that theirs isn't homemade, but the product, supplied by Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream of Michigan, is still awesome and well-priced.

Back or Forth? I will be going back.

Annette's Homemade Italian Ice - Lincoln Park - (773)869-9000 - 2009 N. Bissell St, Chicago, IL 60614 - Public transportation: Armitage stop of the Brown Line or Purple Express or bus 73.

medium ice cream - $3.75

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