Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toast (Two)

Ah yes, time to write about the delectable food served up by Toast #2. I haven't tried the first Toast location, but if it's anything like the second, it's probably a safe bet...

The pesto scramble foghorned my taste buds and left me in a daze. Its components - fresh tomato, salty prosciutto, gooey gruyere, and homemade pesto - could not have played nicer together. I actually paused after the first bite, somewhat in disbelief over how well the potent flavors complimented each other. By far, twas the most satisfying brunch dish I've had in Chicago.

The other entree on the table, the veggie egg white omelete that my eating companion ordered, was very tasty and well made. Its veggies were "perfectly sauteed, not soggy" and the portion was more than enough.

The house potatoes had a nice crispiness, were sufficiently potato-ey, and had a good saltiness. The standout component though had to be the skins, which were delicious and slightly spiced with what tasted like a steak seasoning paired with rosemary.

The short stack failed to make an impression. The pancakes weren't horrible, but they were bland and too bready. The portion size was large though and the powdered sugar on top was a good touch. Not groundbreaking, but good.

The toasted challah lacked its usual sweet egginess and seemed more or less like a thick cut of plain white bread toast. And, I don't know why it was toasted so thoroughly, especially because it's supposed to be a fluffy, delicate bread... Strange choice, Toast.

Lastly, Toast Numero Dos, and Numero Uno for that matter, should reconsider its name. The toast selection is quite impressive (they have multi-grain, cinnamon raisin, brioche, challah, sour dough, and rye), yet it isn't made in house. Their toast comes from Gonnella according to our server, though I am having trouble locating a Gonnella-made challah on their website. Anywho, the fact that at least some of the bread comes from an outside source is bizarre when their name is Toast. You should not call your establishment Toast if you do not make your toast.

Back or Forth? I will be going back.

Toast Two - Bucktown - (773)772-5600 - 2046 N. Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 - Public transportation: bus 50 or 73.

pesto scramble - $8
egg white veggie omelete - $10
house potatoes - $2
short stack - $3

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