Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don Churro

If Don Churro isn't the hidden heart of Pilsen's food scene, then it's most definitely its sweet tooth. It's tucked away on a very quiet street off of 18th and its 67-year-old owner, Maria Molina de Celaya, has been churning out churros in Chicago for over 28 years with a warm smile and comforting kindness.

The modest, dimly lit interior dipped my expectations a bit, but the beautiful flavor of the churro smashed my doubts to pieces. I got a gooey caramel-filled, sugar-and-cinnamon-dusted, crispy churro for a buck and the first bite could've been the single best bite of anything I've ever had. I actually whispered a profanity to myself - the way a person eating alone does when something truly astonishes - and almost bowed down to Ms. Celaya. The woman has a gift.

The other available flavors were strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, bavarian cream, and plain and I probably should've tried them all. Damn you, self-restraint, they were only a dollar apiece! Oh, one more thing: Maria Molina de Celaya speaks very little English, so if you have a Spanish-speaking cap, wear it. She'll be sweet to you no matter what, but I just felt I should include that tidbit...

Back or Forth? I will definitely be back.

Don Churro El Moro De Letran - Pilsen - (312)733-3173 - 1626 S. Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60608 - Public transportation: bus X9/9, 18 or the 18th stop of the Pink Line.

caramel churro - $1 (look at pic below to see it in its entirety)

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